Our empty cartridge recycling programme will close permanently from the 18th December 2020. Please ensure that you send items by Friday 18th and do not use this service after that date. Our unused/full cartridge purchasing service will remain.

Accepted Items and Prices Paid

In our experience, your fundraising will benefit most overall by ensuring that you: include as many possible elements in your recycling campaign, get good prices for the most popular and valuable items — in particular for unused cartridges, and reduce admin time and other transaction costs by choosing a solution that brings all of these strands together.

There are of course items we cannot reuse, and thus cannot collect, but our personalised service will help you or your supporters to find alternative free recycling options so that even if you can't benefit financially, the environment wins and your supporters are happy.

Please note that each of these 4 separate types of item are handled at different facilities, and with occasional exceptions should not be mixed or sent together.

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Full / Unused Cartridges

Boxed Unused Toner Cartridges

Some of your supporters will have full cartridges doing nothing sitting in a dusty drawer, or in their storerooms, for printers that have been replaced or upgraded.

These are a much better source of income than empties, as they are normally worth many times more because they can be reused as-is without refilling or recycling.

As market prices change on a day to day basis, instead of operating a price list please get in touch for a quotation.

To illustrate, here are the prices obtained for our charity beneficiaries in September 2018 for a small sample of cartridges sold. All were sealed in their original boxes, in very good cosmetic condition.

CartridgeEmpty ValueFull Value
Brother TN326C Toner£0.55£50.00
Dell GD898 Tonerno value£28.90
HP CC531A Toner£0.55£10.00
Lexmark C544X1KG£0.00£40.00
HP Q6003A Tonerno value£30.25
Canon 711 Blackno value£25.00
HP 301XL Black Ink£1.80£5.60
Canon 551 / 550XL set£5.00£30.00

We collect these items directly from you or your supporters. They should not be sent with empty cartridges as these are handled at different facilities.

Empty Ink Cartridges

Inkjet Printer

Ink cartridges are the small-sized (smaller than a clenched fist) cartridges used in home and home office printers.

You or your supporters can send in the models listed below by Freepost address, or for a large quantity we can arrange a collection.

As well as getting up to £2.00 for each original cartridge — made by the printer manufacturer and not yet been reused / refilled — you’ll also get paid for some compatible cartridges: those made by other companies, or that have been refilled before.

Most collectors, pay nothing for compatible cartridges, and only small amounts for others. Unfortunately, faulty or damaged cartridges have zero value.

Ink Cartridges Eligible for Freepost Service
(click names for an example image)
Original  Compatible

CL-41 (Tri-Colour) £1.00 £0.50
CL-511 (Tri-Colour) £1.00 £0.50
CL-541 (Tri-colour) £1.00 £0.50
CL-541 XL (Tri-Colour) £1.00 £0.50
CL-546 (Tri-Colour) £1.00 £0.50
CL-546 (Tri-Colour XL) £1.00 £0.50
CL 561 (Colour) £1.00 £0.50
Cl 561 XL (Colour) £1.00 £0.50
PG-40 (Black) £1.00 £0.50
PG-510 (Black) £1.00 £0.50
PG-540 (Black) £1.00 £0.50
PG-540 (Black XL) £1.00 £0.50
PG-545 (Black) £1.00 £0.50
PG-545 (Black XL) £1.00 £0.50
PG-560 (Black) £1.00 £0.50
PG-560 (Black XL) £1.00 £0.50
PGI-550BXL (Black) / Canon PGI-550BXL £0.00 n/a

300 (Black) / CC640EE £1.00 £0.50
300 (Black Intro) £1.00 £0.50
300 (Black XL) / CC641E £1.00 £0.50
300 (Colour XL) / CC644E £1.00 £0.50
300 (Tri-Colour) / CC643E £1.00 £0.50
301 (Black dated after 07/2014) / CH561EE £1.00 £0.50
301 (Black XL date before 07/14) £1.00 £0.50
301 (Black XL dated after 07/14) £1.00 £0.50
301 (Tri-Colour dated after 07/2014) / CH562EE / CH562E £1.00 £0.50
301 (Tri-Colour XL dated after 07/14) / CH564EE £1.00 £0.50
302 (Black XL) / F6U58AE £1.00 £0.50
302 (Tri-Colour) / F6U65AE £1.00 £0.50
302 (Tri-Colour XL) / F6U67AE £1.00 £0.50
302B Instant (Black) / F6U66AE / HP 302 Black Original Ink Cartridge £1.00 £0.50
302 Instant (Black) / F6U66AE £1.00 £0.50
303 (Black) £1.00 £0.50
303 (Colour) £1.00 £0.50
303 XL (Black) £1.00 £0.50
303 XL (Colour XL) £1.00 £0.50
304 (Black) £1.00 £0.50
304 (Colour) £1.00 £0.50
304 XL (Black) £1.00 £0.50
304 XL (Colour) £1.00 £0.50
3YM60AE (305C) (Colour) / 3YM60AE £0.00 n/a
3YM61AE (305B) (Black) / 305B £0.00 n/a
62 (Black) / C2P04AE £1.00 £0.50
62 (Black XL) £1.00 £0.50
62 (Tri-Colour) / C2P06AE £1.00 £0.50
62 (Tri-Colour XL) £1.00 £0.50
903BXL (Black) / T6M15AE £0.00 n/a
903C (Cyan) / HP T6L87AE (903C) £0.00 n/a
903M (Magenta) / HP T6L91AE (903M) £0.00 n/a
903Y (Yellow) / HP T6L95AE (903Y) £0.00 n/a
953CXL (Cyan) / F6U16AE £0.00 n/a
953MXL (Magenta) £0.00 n/a
953YXL (Yellow) / F6U18AE £0.00 n/a

Any other ink cartridges?
I'm afraid these can't be reused to raise funds as their market value is too low. You or your supporters can get in touch with us for help, or see our partner site EveryCartridge to find alternative free recycling destinations for these.

Empty Toner / Laser Cartridges

Loose Toner Cartridges

Toner / laser cartridges are the larger (normally foot-long) cartridges used in office printers and photocopiers. We can currently only accept a very limited range of toner cartridges, and this list changes each month. You must only send those that we can reuse though we can help you recycle others for free with other services.

If you or your supporters have 1-9 items on the list, you can send them one at a time by Freepost. If you have 10 or more, we can arrange a free collection.

Toner Cartridges Eligible for Reuse Original

Any other toner cartridges?
I'm afraid these can't be reused to raise funds as their market value is too low. You or your supporters can get in touch with us for help, or see our partner site EveryCartridge to find alternative free recycling destinations for these.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone graphic

Most people upgrade their mobile phones once every 2 years, so there are a lot of unused second-hand phones sitting in homes and offices across the country.

These are a good source of income, as there is a healthy market for second-hand models. Very recent models in full working order will be worth up to £100, popular phones up to £20, and old models up to £2. Some non-working phones will have a small repair or material reclamation value.

Here are some sample prices in February 2015 for popular models. This assumes the phone is in good working and cosmetic order, and has its original battery and charger.

Nokia 3210recycle for free
Samsung GT E2600£0.55
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (non-working)£5.36
HTC Desire£8.25
Blackberry Curve 8520£17.00
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (working)£29.50
Samsung Galaxy S2£30.00
Apple iPhone 5C 16GB£96.75

You or your supporters can send their phones using a prepaid postage label.

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