Our empty cartridge recycling programme will close permanently from the 18th December 2020. Please ensure that you send items by Friday 18th and do not use this service after that date. Our unused/full cartridge purchasing service will remain.

Gift Aid Info

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If you are a registered charity, we can help you raise an extra 25% by asking your supporters to fill in a Gift Aid declaration when they register with us and send their items.

How It Works

  • Your supporter (the owner of some donated goods that they want to send in for your benefit) visits the web site address we give you for your customised fundraising web site.
  • They register with their name and email address.
  • They are then asked if they are eligible for Gift Aid, and to fill in a declaration to enable this. You will get a copy of the declaration they make by email. If you like you can customise the email address these declarations are copied to.
  • They recycle their items with us directly, using their account number or relevant barcodes or references we give them, which will tie the donation to their account.
  • The value of their items is credited to your account in the normal way as a donation from the donor, and we pass on the details of the Gift Aid declaration in a Gift Aid report with the relevant details accessible on our web site so that you can claim an extra 25% from HMRC.

Try it Out

If you visit our example fundraising web site for the fictional "Example" charity, you'll see that after the first registration step you are asked if you are eligible for Gift Aid.

Subsequent visits will remind you of your Gift Aid status when you sign in, so that you can register if you had not previously, or get in touch if you are no longer eligible.

Important Notes

Specific terms govern the Gift Aid programme operated by HMRC, and the way we run our system.

Some things to bear in mind for Gift Aid eligibility:

  • The donor must be a UK-resident individual who pays enough income or capital gains tax to cover the value of the Gift Aid claimed.
  • The donors must themselves register directly with us and the items they send must be owned by them.
  • Corporate donations do not qualify.
  • Your donors agree to an agency agreement that states that they are selling their items to us, and are asking us to pass on the value of the items to you.
  • You are responsible for claiming the tax relief from HMRC — we can only provide you with the relevant details and capture the declarations to enable this.

How Do I Get Started?

Register with us as normal, and then contact us with your charity number so that we can confirm your eligibility and set up your customised fundraising site to start asking for Gift Aid declarations.

If you are already registered or have any other questions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

How Do I Claim Gift Aid?

You claim back Gift Aid from HMRC in the normal way on these donations — we cannot do this on your behalf but we give you all the information you need. You can find guidance from HMRC.

When Can I Claim the Gift Aid?

After we have paid you the value of a donation in your normal payments, we will pass on the details of those consignments that were eligible for Gift Aid and which donor you should attribute it to.

This information is visible at any time through the online version of your account report as a separate Gift Aid Report which lists all declarations made and all eligible donations which are ready to claim Gift Aid on.