Our empty cartridge recycling programme will close permanently from the 18th December 2020. Please ensure that you send items by Friday 18th and do not use this service after that date. Our unused/full cartridge purchasing service will remain.

Customised Fundraising Web Site

The Fundraising Site

When you register to raise funds from ink cartridges and electronics with Ink2Cash, we set up a special web site address — just for your cause — that you or your supporters can use directly to recycle items for your benefit.

When your supporters register on the site, their items are linked to your account, and they deal directly with us using our simple self-service options to send in their particular items.

Take a look at an example fundraising web site we set up for the fictional Example Charity.

Why Use This?

Instead of collecting cartridges to a central location, and asking a member of staff or volunteer to spend their time organising everything, and sorting and sending the items to the various recycling facilities we use, it's much easier for us to work with the your supporters directly, as they can send their cartridges to the best destination the first time.

We call this hands-free fundraising as you don't have to get your hands inky — you just have to forward your supporters to this web site and we take care of the rest, with automated reporting and payments.

Major Benefits vs. Centralised Collecting

Saves Admin Time

It saves precious admin time for you, your volunteers and staff

No Storage Space

You don't need to find storage space to collect cartridges in.

Simple Self-Service

Your supporters register on the site and get straight-forward instructions to send their items directly, which will be credited to your account.

Help is at Hand

Whatever items your supporters have, we're just a click away to help them personally by email if they have any queries.

Keeping in Touch

Your supporters receive occasional email reminders to keep them sending, and update them with what we can recycle for your benefit

Help With Alternatives

If they have items we can't take for reuse, we help them find a free recycling alternative for their particular cartridges

Wider Reach

It's easier to get more of your supporters involved in recycling, as you only need to share a web site address with them


For supporters with larger quantities of items, we can arrange collections directly from them


Your supporters will receive thank you emails when their items are received and processed.

Extend Your Reach

Your supporters can share your recycling fundraising campaign directly on social media like Facebook or Twitter using the special links we give them to reach a wide audience

Of course, how you direct your supporters to the site is up to you. You might use flyers in your locations or shops, sending a special announcement to your email list, or social media. This way you can reach many more people than collecting centrally.

Get Started

Want your own recycling fundraising web site? Register now to start your campaign.