Our empty cartridge recycling programme will close permanently from the 18th December 2020. Please ensure that you send items by Friday 18th and do not use this service after that date. Our unused/full cartridge purchasing service will remain.

Simple, Lucrative Fundraising

Work with Ink2Cash to raise funds from your cartridges and mobile phones, and those of your supporters, and you’ll benefit from our years of experience in recycling fundraising.

Hundreds of charities, businesses, individuals and community groups trust us, and we operate Cartridges4Charity.co.uk to raise funds for The Against Malaria Foundation; all to the benefit of tens of thousands of pounds for these causes.

We look forward to helping you make a success of your fundraising. Find out below what we can offer you.

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It's free and easy to register right now. Just fill in a few basic details, and we'll be in touch to get you started.

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Anybody Can Register

Individuals, charities, businesses and community groups in the UK of all kinds can register to sell their cartridges to us. You just need an email address, some cartridges, and a bank account.

Completely Free

Our services are completely free to use. You or your supporters return their cartridges using prepaid postal services or collections, and there are no charges or fees.

Wide Range of Items Recycled

Your fundraising should cover as wide a range of items as possible to ensure long-term success. Our services include: empty ink and toner cartridges, mobile phones, and unused cartridges.

Helping You to Raise More Money

Strong prices are another important component of your recycling appeal, and we've got you covered there. We work with a variety of recycling partners to get you the best market rates for your items.

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Great Prices on Inks

You’ll get a good amount of money for recyclable ink cartridges: upwards of £1.00 for many ink cartridges. You'll even get paid for some 'compatible' ink cartridges; most collectors pay nothing for these cartridges. See the list here.

Empty Toners

For laser or toner cartridges from office printers we currently offer flexible collections (subject to minimum quantities) and over £0.50 per recyclable cartridge. Take a look at our toner cartridge list for more detail.

Unused Cartridges

Full cartridges are worth much more than empty ones. Many of your corporate sponsors and some individuals will have full cartridges for printers that have been replaced just gathering dust they'll be happy to find a home for.

Mobile Phones

We replace our phones on average every 2 years. Instead of sitting in a drawer, helping your supporters to recycle them can improve your fundraising.

Gift Aid — 25% more

If you are a registered charity, we can help you raise an extra 25% by asking your supporters to fill in a Gift Aid declaration when they register with us and send their items. Read more.


Hands-Free Fundraising

Instead of collecting and holding your supporters' items yourself, you can reduce admin time and cost at your end by directing your supporters to a free customised fundraising web site that we set up for you.

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Simple Self-Service

Your supporters register on the site and get straight-forward instructions to send their items directly to us, which will be credited to your account.

Help is at Hand

Whatever items your supporters have, we're just a click away to help them personally by email if they have any queries.

Staying in Touch

Your supporters will get a thank-you email when we receive their cartridges and items, and we keep in touch to keep them sending.

Easy Reporting and Payment

Your time is precious, so we've made sure our service is as simple and automated as possible. Once we have some basic details from you, the admin is taken care of at our end.

Prompt Payment

Payment direct into your bank account every quarter, when your balance reaches £10.

Online Reports

Our online report shows an up-to-date picture of everything outstanding on your account, including who sent in what so you can thank supporters personally.

Real-Time Updates

When cartridges are received and processed, you’ll receive an email detailing what was sent. So you’ll always know what has been sent in, and how much you’re making.

No Admin Hassle

No claim forms to fill in each time you want to be paid, no cheques getting lost in the post, and no need for chasing payments due.

Environmentally Responsible

You can rest assured that we are helping every one of your supporters to fulfill their environmental responsibilities, even if their cartridges won’t be able to raise funds for your good cause through us.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Logo

Reuse Before Recycling

Your supporters’ cartridges are reused, often within the UK, which is a much better use of the world’s resources than the recycling that some schemes offer.

Legal Certification

Full paperwork and Waste Transfer Notes can be provided for supporters that require this to satisfy their organisation's environmental policies or regulations.

Help with Alternatives

If we can't recycle some of your items, we provide you and your supporters with customised help on alternatives — like using the manufacturer's own free recycling services.

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